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University President Meets Dutch Representative in Palestine
  • Monday, 04-03-2024

University President Meets Dutch Representative in Palestine

The President of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, Prof. Hussein Shanak, met with the Dutch representative to Palestine, Ambassador Michel Rintar, at the university's campus in Tulkarm, briefing the latter on the university's efforts and plans to serve our community and empower the individuals to obtain quality education amidst the difficult security and economic conditions imposed by the occupation.
The meeting was attended by university deputies, assistants, and the advisor of the Dutch mission, Nasser Al-Shaikh Ali.

Prof. Shanak emphasized the importance of this exploratory visit by the guest ambassador, which contributes to enhancing the international efforts to stop the aggression against our people in Gaza and deepen the partnership between the university and Dutch higher education institutions and centers.

He also pointed out that Kadoorie University suffers from the aggression, similar to other institutions of our people, through the daily obstacles imposed on the university and its campus.

In turn, Ambassador Michel clarified that his visit to the university comes within the context of his country's significant efforts to stop the Israeli war on Gaza.

Michel explained that a return to the political situation and proposed solutions prior to October 6 is not feasible on all fronts. The only solution that should be proposed is the establishment of the Palestinian state and the end of the occupation, along with discussing mechanisms for reconstruction and reviving life in the devastated Gaza Strip, including higher education institutions.

In a related context, the ambassador held a meeting with university students to gather their opinions and perspectives on mechanisms for changing the current situation.