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Prof. Shanak, a Member of Directors Board of Arab Universities Council
  • Tuesday, 26-03-2024

Prof. Shanak, a Member of Directors Board of Arab Universities Council

The President of Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie Prof. Husain Shanak has been selected as a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Universities Governance Council, affiliated with the Arab Universities Union for the years 2024 - 2027.
This decision was made during the General Conference of the Arab Universities Union in its fifty-sixth session held at the University of Baghdad in the Republic of Iraq earlier this month.
The strategic objectives of the council primarily involve promoting the transition to digital governance practices by leveraging scientific networks and information and communication technology sciences. Additionally, it aims to establish the foundations of digital governance transformation and methodologies for their implementation in Arab universities.
It also seeks to expand the scope of scientific research in digital governance to build intellectual systems in leadership, creativity, digital innovation, and the resolution of administrative and technical problems.

In response, the university president expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him through his selection as a council member, expressing hope that he and other universities will succeed in achieving the council's objectives and contribute to the consolidation of governance principles and indicators in Arab universities in general, and Palestinian universities in particular.