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PTUK and Reach Digital Hub Partner to Empower IT Students
  • Tuesday, 11-06-2024

PTUK and Reach Digital Hub Partner to Empower IT Students

Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, represented by President Prof. Hussein Shanak, and Reach Digital Hub RDH, represented by CEO Ms. Noor Asfour, have signed a memorandum of understanding. The signing was witnessed by the Director of the University's Ramallah Branch, Prof. Goltan Hijazi.

The memorandum aims to enhance educational, training, and research opportunities in Palestine, focusing on developing the skills and professional capabilities of IT students and graduates.

It includes provisions for conducting training courses and providing internships specifically for the Faculty of Information Technology.

This partnership highlights the shared commitment to community development and strengthens collaboration between the private and academic sectors, aiming at producing competent graduates who can contribute locally and compete globally.

Reach Digital Hub, a subsidiary of Reach Holding Group, specializes in advanced IT services for local, regional, and international markets. Reach Holding Group, founded in 2012 with over $30 million in capital, operates across services, industry, education, and healthcare sectors, driven by entrepreneur Mr. Malik Melhem’s vision of strengthening the Palestinian economy.