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  • Wednesday, 18-04-2018

PTUK Al Aroub Inaugurates Second Graphus Innovation Exhibition

PTUK – Al Aroub Branch inaugurated the innovative exhibition in the technological applied arts in presence of the University President Assistant Dr. Dirar Elyyan, Hebron Governor Representative Akram Al Shrouf, the Director of Al Aroub Branch Dr. Muheeb Abu Lawha and considered official and civil figures.
The exhibition carries the message of the university's relationship with the local community and the values ​​of national belonging among the students, showing the suffering of the prisoners in the Israeli jails.
The Head of the Applied Arts Department, Dr. Mervat Al Masri pointed out that the exhibition, which will continue to two days, contained three sections: graphic arts, Multimedia and works of art by media technology students.
Dr. Elyyan expressed his admiration to the exhibition that gives a shining image of the Palestinian people who are keen to deliver the message of humanity to the world through the works of art.
He stressed the university’s interest in such events which will give rise to leveraging the status of PTUK as it is considered the hub of technical and vocational learning in Palestine.
The President Assistant also explained that Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie looks forward, within its prospective vision, to strengthening the adoption of applied and developmental sciences, stating that the content of the exhibition shows the great efforts that distinguish its students and academic staff in the fields of entrepreneurship.